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Faustorian Mavendorf Ref Sheet by kiki-doodle
Faustorian Mavendorf Ref Sheet
A commissioned reference sheet for Draphilius from FA who was great to work with but oooh man, such a complex character x3

It's his second life character.
Kikidoodle will be at APE 2014 by kiki-doodle
Kikidoodle will be at APE 2014
I will be exhibiting at APE this weekend in Fort Mason in San Francisco!

If you'll be visiting, please come by and tell me you watch me online, because I love to give away things to followers :p
And if you're exhibiting, tell me where you'll be!!  I always get 1000% swamped, but I love to meet people!

I ONLY have 30 advance copies of my book!  I wish I had paid for tripple that, now, because I think I'll sell out really fast!
Eeveelutions mini paintings by kiki-doodle
Eeveelutions mini paintings
I did the whole set of eeveelutions in mini canvas form!!  All are acrylic paintings.

I will be selling these individually at APE, but since they'll go fast, I'm offering the whole set if someone bids for it before Friday.  (I won't sell it for less than $480, though, which is less than if they all came separate).

email or note with a bid.
I'm finally starting to get a few repeating questions to the point that I should make a FAQ that I can link to on my journals.  Please ask any questions you have of me in the comment section (even if it's silly) and I'll answer you.  Here I'll just place frequently asked questions just in case I can't immediately get around to answering a note:

FAQ.  Frequently Asked Questions

About me
Q. Is your name Kiki or Christine?
A. Birth name is Christine, nickname since I was a baby is Kiki.  I can be called both, and sometimes I interchange them in emails, because I'm confusing.

Q. How else can I get into contact with you?
A. DA via note.  Email: for professional inquiries or for private work inquiries.  I have an Etsy where you can ask questions about specific products.  I also attend several conventions a year where you can see me in person to get products or talk to me.

Q.Can I talk to you?  Do you use any messaging programs?
A. I do, but I forget to log into most of them.  You can either A. add me on Skype as meradragon, or add me as a Facebook friend (I accept 99% of requests as I treat FB like a business platform) and chat with me there.

About Your Art or Permissions to Use Your Art

Q. I'm working on ___ project and would like you to be a part of it!!
A. OK, so I'm a working professional, which means that if there is any money involved in your project, I require monetary compensation.  If it's the coolest project EVER, and you have next to no budget, I still require compensation, which could be at a lower amount IF we agree to it.  Unfortunately other than things that take little time, I can't do charity work due to the cost of rent.  Feel free to note me about your charity, though, and I'll see what I can do.

Q.  Can I use your artwork for my website/business/project/tattoo/etc?
A.  I am very open to letting people use my artwork, but that's only so long as they follow a few simple things:
1. ASK PERMISSION!  Always.  This is just as much so I'm aware of the usage, as for you to make sure you're not misusing the art.
2.  if it's for a professional project and will be used for gaining finances (including with non profit work) or will be used in any way by an incorporation or to promote or advertise your business, the answer is probably no unless you pay a one time use fee.  Ask if you're unsure.
3. If it's for personal use, with no exchange of money, or you want to share on your personal blog, or use it for a school or community project, most likely the answer is yes!  ASK.  I require that my watermarks are NOT removed, and that if they need to be cropped out for the project that you add them back in digitally to another piece of the image. (aka, if you turn my image into a banner, and it crops out the link to my blog, you have to add it back in).  Give me full credit, and include a link back to me with both "Christine Knopp" and either "" or ""
I am very happy to share my artwork with the world, but I require full credit.  If you can, link me to the finished project!

Q. Can I feature your art or repost it on my website with full credit?
A. yes.  Please link me to the finished post :)

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. Note me or email  I take a few commissions a year, and only if I'm not currently busy with projects. You normally will have a bit of a wait time to get your private work done unless you tell me there's a strict deadline.  Otherwise, catch me at cons.  I take a bunch of quick turnaround sketch and painting commissions at cons.  No digital work, though.

Other Questions

Q. Do you do critiques?
A. YES!  But oh jeeze, I'm ungodly slow at them.  Unless it's from a piece submitted to my group :iconstyle-in-art: I take up to a month to get around to critiques.  Sometimes faster, other times slower.  This is because I take up to two hours per critique to write down detailed notes, do redlines, and paint overs if necessary.

That's it for now!


kiki-doodle's Profile Picture
Kiki Lynn (Christine Knopp)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Freelance artist currently available for hire!!
I live in San Francisco and previously worked for Disney Interactive as a concept artist and background painter. I really love cats and fish, and spend my days collecting weird jewelry, exploring flea markets, and going on adventures with my cats. I own two sphynx cats named Gandalf the Pink and Archimedes who get almost equal blog treatment as my art. The two of them travel with me frequently, and are in training to be therapy pets.

Creating a few final sticker designs for Wondercon. What would you want to see the most? (comment for requests or specifics) 

30 deviants said dragons, gryphons, or other fantasy beast
10 deviants said tiger or other big cat
9 deviants said shiba inu, german shepherd, poodle, or other large dog
8 deviants said elephant, panda, or other exotic mammal
7 deviants said small cats (siamese, persian, bengal, etc)
4 deviants said Bunny rabbit
4 deviants said pug, westie, yorkie or other small dog
3 deviants said ferret, guinea pig or other small pet
3 deviants said horse or zebra
2 deviants said Other (comment?)



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